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Top 5 Benefits Of Porcelain Benchtop

Porcelain countertops have long been popular in Europe, but they have gained immense popularity in Australia in recent years. This material is likely to become a popular design trend in the future, thanks to the numerous advantages porcelain has. Porcelain benchtops are ceramic products made out of powdered clay and coloured pigments bound together under high heat and pressure. This ultra-thin surface is incredibly long-lasting. Here are the top 5 benefits of porcelain benchtops:

1. Extremely High Heat Resistance

Porcelain stone can sustain substantially greater temperatures when compared to engineered acrylic surfaces, laminate, or quartz stone. This is owing to the innovative manufacturing method used in the production of porcelain slabs. In the kitchen, this allows you to place hot pots and pans right from the stove or oven onto the porcelain benchtop without worrying about them cracking. The Archant Porcelain 12mm slabs, in fact, can tolerate direct heat of up to 180°C. So get rid of your hot mats and replace them with a porcelain countertop.  

2. Hardness and Durability

As previously stated, porcelain is about 30% stronger than even the hardest granite. Porcelain is scratch resistant due to its strong structure. You may even slice and dice food on it without worrying about damaging the surface with your knife.  

3. Design Variety

Another distinguishing feature of porcelain stone is that each slab is expertly created and subliminally etched onto the stone’s surface. Natural colours are printed beneath the surface (sub-surface) of the stone, ensuring that the surface keeps its durable and non-porous porcelain qualities. Each slab design has its own distinct and detailed depth, giving you a wide selection of options that are real and provide you with the most design freedom. The combination of scratch and heat resistance and the greatest colour and style range distinguishes Archant Porcelain from other surfaces. You can make a lovely Marble Cararra benchtop without having to worry about it discolouring like natural marble.  

4. Scratch-Resistant

Porcelain can withstand scratching just as well as any other material. It is scratch-resistant, just like granite and quartz. On the other hand, ceramic knives should be avoided since they can harm porcelain. Porcelain is a popular alternative to granite for customers who desire a robust benchtop since it is hard-wearing and has low porosity.  

5. Can be used in outdoor or indoor settings

Finally, porcelain is not only resistant to heat, scratches, and abrasions, but it is also almost unaffected by UV radiation, making it an ideal surface for outdoor use. Use the same colour in both indoor and outdoor spaces to highlight the concept of indoor-outdoor flow, producing a genuinely lovely continuity across your property. A bespoke outdoor kitchen with fully functional equipment, a grill, and running water is another option for an entertainer’s outdoor refuge.   Porcelain benchtops are quickly gaining popularity in the world of kitchen renovations and designing. For more information on porcelain benchtops, please contact us so that we can assist you.

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