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Refresh Your Granite Benchtops

Granite Benchtops In Melbourne

At United Stone Melbourne we have been specialising in Granite benchtops since 2011.

We have completed countless amounts of kitchen renovations. It is by using our popular granite benchtops for Melbourne homes. All our kitchen granite benches are both heat and scratch resistant. Our reputation is based on completing our work for your kitchen efficiently and accurately. Based in Dandenong, Melbourne, but we travel across Victoria.

Granite Benchtop Installation

Did you know our installers complete our granite benchtops in just one day? Yes, you read that correctly, ONE DAY! Our professional tradespeople will install your granite benchtop in a day, no matter what shape your kitchen bench is. Take a look at some of our reviews to see the proof yourself! Also, remember to ask about our granite overlays if you want to add style and elegant granite lane over your kitchen benchtop.

Granite Overlays

Granite overlays for your countertops. Style. Price. Quality.

An affordable addition to your kitchen benches and countertops without the hefty price tag and not compromising on quality.

Affordable Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations does not have to mean thousands of dollars being spent or adding onto your mortgage. Well at least not with us! At United Stone Melbourne we want to make sure our customers are happy with not only the amazing work we do to their kitchen but also the affordable price. See our kitchen renovations page to find out more.