We Can Water Jet Cut Anything Stone, Porcelain, Metals & more!

Water Jet Cut Splashbacks, Made In Melbourne

Using state-of-the-art laser templators, we produce highly defined .dxf cad files of your design. From here, we drop the file into our waterjet, where it’s then able to cut out exactly what the laser templator had measured up. As an example, you may have a crooked wall that requires an overlay. The laser templator will pick this up, and instead of cutting the back of your bench straight, our team will cut it to the shape of the crooked wall through lasering. This then sits up against the final result nice and flush. Ultimately, this type of technology gives our team the ability to create highly refined, precise CAD drawings of your vision. Combining it with DXF drawings, the end-result is backed by a several-step, technical process.

What Is Water Jet Stone & Porcelain Cutting?

Through this highly refined process, our team creates exceptionally crafted products – including water jet cut splashbacks, benchtops, and many more concepts. A major advantage of this method is that it’s based around cold-cutting techniques. This means that, during the action of water jet cutting and laser drawing, the product is not put under unnecessary stress or pressure. This is especially useful when we need to cut extremely complex shapes that demand accuracy. Best of all, we can utilise a fine tip radius to create the highest water jet cutting detail possible.
beautiful new kitchen benchtop


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A bit about us

As a family-owned and operated business based in Melbourne, Victoria, we span right across the region to deliver engineered water jet laser drawing benchtops, splashbacks and more. With a reputation for getting the job done when you need it most, we’ve become the go-to team that exceeds expectations each and every time. Choose us for a wide variety of solutions, all of which can be formed using our water jet stone cutting techniques: Stone splashbacks: Known for their durability and resistance, these options are the perfect piece for any kitchen space.  Stone benchtops: Installed as an overlay after going through our water jet cutting process, we’ll add a touch of style and sophistication to your decor.  Kitchen projects and renovations: We make completing your kitchen renovations easy with water-jet cut splashbacks, benchtops and cutting services. Able to work on a number of various applications, we’re the experts in the field.   Our services are not only limited to water jet cutting of benchtops and splashbacks. We can cut just about anything according to your CAD drawings. Just let us know about your project and we will more than happy to help!  Contact United Stone Melbourne now by calling (03) 9791 3720.