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This is why porcelain benchtops are so in this year!

Over the years, we’ve seen trends come and go in this space, but none has been more solidified than the rise of porcelain benchtops. Because homeowners already have the tricky challenge of trying to figure out what to use when carrying out their kitchen renovations, knowing the type of material to use becomes a huge hassle. Luckily, porcelain benchtops offer durable solutions that are stylish in aesthetics and withstand years upon years of use. So what makes it so great?

Looking at the science

Understanding why this form of design is so nifty comes down to looking at the pure science behind it. This material is a ceramic-based product and is crafted by being baked at extreme temperatures. You end up with a glass-like surface that’s permanently hardened and non-porous – both of which are huge advantages. Typically, this is all derived from a natural blend of raw materials – powdered clays. The high-tech process usually involves fusing all the materials in immense heat and pressure. It is not unlike the natural process that happens to stone in the ground over thousands and thousands of years. During this time, the raw ingredients found in glass, quartz, and ceramic slabs are fused together to form a new type of material. And the result is virtually indestructible.

The benefits

It’s literally indestructible Choosing a porcelain benchtop means you’re opting for an environmentally friendly, entirely recycled option. It’s lightweight, heat-resistant, and it wards off ultraviolet light. It’s essentially unaffected by general wear and tear – and that’s always a welcomed bonus to any home. Best of all, it’s almost impossible to stain the surface with harsh chemicals or liquids. Durability tests featuring hammers, blow torches, and even graffiti paint haven’t made a dent in this nifty material. It’s versatile If you’re looking for a material that can flaunt its stuff in various ways, then porcelain is your new best friend. Benchtops made of this are a crowd-favorite among homeowners and designers, with applications growing daily. These products can be used indoors or outdoors without having to seal or treat the surface. Generally, thickness varies between 5 to 20 millimeters, depending on what supply you go with. At United Stone Melbourne, we source only the highest quality materials to create our porcelain benchtops, so you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck. They’re easy to clean and maintain Because of all its resistance, porcelain is extremely easy to keep tidy and in good shape. As the kitchen is the most used area of the home, this is a huge advantage, making it a worthwhile investment for the long term. Also, because it’s non-porous, it’s a highly hygienic option for busy spaces – and what a dream that would be. Endless colour choices and finishes And if all of the above isn’t enough, porcelain benchtops also come in various shades and pigments, allowing you to choose the exact look you need for your space. It is all done in manufacturing, where the material can be effectively exploited to garner a smooth, textured finish – matte or gloss.

Want to find out how you can snatch up a new, fresh benchtop for your kitchen? Get in touch with United Stone Melbourne now on 03 9791 3720. We’re always more than happy to provide help and guidance – no matter your needs.

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