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IKEA Kitchen Benchtop Installers

Add something special to your space. United Stone flat-pack kitchens. Installing one of our benchtops can add colour and sophistication to your flat-pack kitchen. It gives you that uniqueness that makes your space stand out. Enhance the functionality and beauty of your kitchen with our range of custom-made IKEA benchtops. Choosing to combine an IKEA kitchen with a benchtop from United Stone allows you to enjoy both versatility and affordability all in one. You’ll be able to prep, cook and eat every day on a beautiful, custom-made benchtop while saving money on your cabinetry. Let us show you how if you’re considering a flat-pack kitchen but want to make it your own.

A new approach to IKEA kitchen benchtops

At United Stone Melbourne, we’re experts when it comes to kitchen surfaces and kitchen renovations. We’re proud to be the first company in Australia to engineer and manufacture 12mm engineered quartz stone slabs. But because of the extremely high flexural strength in 12mm slabs and being lightweight compared to 20mm slabs. Moreover, our stone is more durable and will not crack and stress your flat-pack cabinetry, making it the perfect choice for any IKEA kitchen. We can provide a three-week turnaround on all IKEA benchtops for most customers. Visit us at our showroom, pick a colour, and chat with our friendly staff about appliances. And we’ll prepare a quote for you on the spot. If you like what you see, we’ll book you for installation three weeks before your visit and templating two days before that. But ensure that the carcasses of your kitchen are assembled by the date of templating, and we’ll be good to go! As part of our industry-leading service, we also take care of the entire substrating & templating process. This means all you need to do is build your cabinetry and leave the finishing touches to us!

IKEA Kitchen benchtops Installation by United Stone

Start a conversation with the United Stone Melbourne team and learn about our kitchen renovations Melbourne And how we can transform your whole kitchen in under a month. Call us at (03) 9791 3720 to learn more!