If you’ve had your eyes on renovating your kitchen space for a while, but haven’t quite had the chance or will to jump into it, there’s plenty of reasons to get amongst the action. From raising your property’s value through to expanding storage space – we’ve curated the top 8 signs that hint it’s time you take the plunge.   nice kitchen design   You’re thinking of selling your property   If you are looking to put your property up on the market, a kitchen renovation can add significant value to your home. The kitchen (along with the bathroom) are two spaces that will come under close scrutiny from prospective buyers, so making this area look its best is important when the ‘For Sale’ sign hits the front lawn. Streamlined and quick remodels are the best in this scenario – like the ones United Stone offer – so you don’t go over budget and spend more than the value you add to your home.   You never seem to have enough space   Are you constantly running out of room for your cutlery, appliances and other kitchen necessities? A renovation can add valuable storage space, allowing for you to better utilise the various areas you’re working with.   There are cracks or other signs of ageing   Sometimes the signs are clear. If there are cracks, stains or other physical signs that your kitchen is getting old, then it is time to consider freshening it up with a renovation.   Your kitchen is getting harder to clean   Keeping your kitchen neat and tidy gets harder and harder the older it gets. Mould deposits become more frequent and the surfaces become more difficult to get squeaky clean and shiny. New surfaces are made from materials that are designed to be easier to clean and will enhance the overall look simply by virtue of the fact that it is new.   The layout has become a hazard   Our life circumstances change and our kitchen needs change along with them. If you have added children (or even pets) to the family dynamic, some of those fashionable items like the rangetop islands from the 1980s can become a hazard. Little hands and enquiring noses can get themselves into hazardous situations, so a renovation is usually in order to make sure that your space is safe and sound. Kitchen Renovation Your electricity bill is too high – and you don’t know why   We dread power bills already; the last thing we want is an area in our home becoming a further drain on expenses. Outdated ovens and other appliances can be syphons for electricity and drive your bills up. If you have noticed excessively large fees, despite your best efforts to bring them down, it might be worth checking out if your kitchen is the cause.   It doesn’t suit your lifestyle   We use kitchens for different reasons and purposes. Some of us love to entertain, while others like to live out their own Masterchef antics. For some, having the kitchen connected to their dining space, is important. All of these factors need to be considered when drafting up a layout and blueprint to suit your lifestyle.   You aren’t cooking as often as you used to   This is a major one. If you find that you are ordering in food more often, or heading out to eat instead of cooking, it may just be that you’ve fallen out of love with your kitchen. You can partner up with your cooking space again by reinvigorating it, offering plenty of inspiration design and functionalities into the mix.   Interesting in renovating your kitchen but don’t know where to start? Contact us today on (03) 9791 3720 to find out how we can help.
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