If you are doing a remodel of your kitchen, you likely have thought of a multitude of factors you want to keep in mind for your new design and kitchen sink pack. These include such things as colours, new appliances, cabinets, and flooring and whether you are looking at stone kitchen benchtops or porcelain benchtops.

While these are all essential, one thing that is commonly left out is the kitchen sink. This is likely the most utilized part of your kitchen, even more than your refrigerator, it would make sense that you would choose a sink that best suits your functionality and the look you desire. With this in mind, here are some factors you need to consider when choosing your kitchen sink.


Drop-in or Undermount Sink Pack?

Your starting point is to choose how you want the sink to be installed into your countertop. The two common types are a drop-in or undermount kitchen sinks. The undermount is attached underneath the counter. While the drop-in is dropped through the counter and is supported by the countertop itself.

Some do not like the drop-in because it provides a visible lip and takes away some of the counter space. However, there are advantages to it as well, as the drop-in is a little easier to seal and lock into place. It is a matter of the look that sets your preference.


The Size of Your Sink

Obviously size is a big deal. You want to make sure that you have a sink that fits into the allotted space in your counter and does not interfere with any cabinet that you have beneath the counter. However, it does not end there. You want to also consider how much space you want in the kitchen sink. Some do most of their dishwashing in the sink, so having one that is larger in size allows you to have plenty of space to wash and rinse dishes. You may also need a larger size sink if you have a bigger family, where you may have several dishes put in the sink at one time.



Single or Double Kitchen Sinks

Another big factor is whether you want a single or double kitchen sinks. Again, if you are one who prefers to wash dishes in the sink, you may need a two basin option. Keeping dishes in soap in one side while you rinse and wash in the other. This type of sink also allows you to soak items in one side while performing tasks in the other.

A double bowl sink can be more expensive and, if you find that this is unnecessary, there is no need to get one.



The material used to create the sink is also an important consideration. Some sinks are made out of stainless steel, while others are made out of porcelain. There also natural stone, coloured stainless steel, and copper options. Your choice of material for the sink will play a role in its durability, but will also be important in terms of the overall look you desire for your kitchen.

You want your kitchen to be a showcase for you. Most of your guests and all of your family will find themselves in your kitchen at some point. So choosing the right kitchen sink is also important when determining the overall look.

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