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Unlock More Bench Space With Our Sink Packs!

Transform Your Kitchen with Our Customer Inspired Sink Packs

Our sink packs are the result of a combined effort between our expert team and valuable customer feedback. We’ve curated these options to offer the best value for money, ensuring they transform your kitchen into a space of functionality and style.

Featuring a modular configuration, our sinks allow you to free up bench space, providing flexibility and convenience. Whether you prefer a topmount or undermount installation, our sinks are designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen.

Our Kitchen Sink Packs Come With A Drain Tray, Cutting Board & Basket

Our Kitchen Sink offering includes a modular drain tray, cutting board, and basket, all designed to optimise your kitchen workflow. These accessories can be easily adjusted or removed, unlike traditional sinks with fixed drain trays.

This flexibility ensures that your benchtop remains uncluttered, allowing you to make the most of your kitchen space. The modular design also enhances the functionality of your sink, making everyday tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Flexible Mounting Options for Your Convenience

We offer versatile mounting options to suit your kitchen design preferences. Our sinks can be mounted as either topmount or undermount, providing you with flexibility in installation.

The topmount option allows for easy installation and a sleek look, while the undermount option offers the added advantage of easy wiping and cleanup, ensuring a pristine kitchen surface. This versatility ensures that our sinks not only meet but exceed your expectations in both form and function.