Revamp your space with our stylish kitchen sink packs

With the ability to create the ultimate vision, United Stone’s high-quality stainless steel kitchen sinks are Melbourne’s crowd-favourite for a stylish design and great as part of any kitchen renovations. Equipped with large bowl capacities and deep-machine polishing, each of our options give you the chance to opt for a higher-end touch without the price tag.


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Peace of mind from renowned brands

Our range has been curated from the highly respectable label, Abey, delivering peace of mind to all of our clients who are looking for a long-lasting result. Pioneers of signature double kitchen sinks and other variations, Abey’s selection is a nod to functional, affordable and timeless designs – all adhering to top-tier manufacturing standards. Because of this name in quality, we attribute our range of undermount kitchen sinks across Melbourne to this iconic brand, providing exceptional work across the board.

World-class installation services

When you choose our sink pack, we’ll double it with our top-notch installation services – no matter where you are in Melbourne. All mixers and tapware are included with your pack, so you can enjoy an end-to-end solution, with zero fuss or hassle.

Ready to get started? We’re here and ready to help you upgrade your space with our collection. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote or to discuss your brief in more details. Alternatively, browse our range to see the styles and designs we’ve got on offer.

Call us now on (03) 9791 3720 to speak to our friendly team.

Your space is paramount to us

Every home needs a dream kitchen space. Whether it’s plenty of bench space, the perfect cooktops or a stunning sink pack, the kitchen is the place where the balance of style and function are imperative. The United Stone Melbourne team is dedicated to ensuring your sink space is one that whilst looking amazing will ensure you have the perfect place to chop, cut, clean, rinse, wash and everything else that comes with the ideal kitchen bench. As passionate benchtop producers with an eye for elegance, the United Stone team has years of experience in providing Melbourne homes with the most eye-catching yet purpose-driven benchtops available.

its great to resurface kitchen benchtop

Contact us to find out more & receive a quote

If you are interested in United Stone designing a kitchen sink pack for your home, or would like to directly request a quote from our friendly team, please feel free to get in contact with us and we will be happy to help you with your inquiries. We are committed to providing an exceptional service standard, and will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a detailed quote regarding our world class range. Call us now on (03) 9791 3720 to speak to our friendly team.

Frequently Asks Questions About Our Undermount Kitchen Sinks

How long will it take to install the kitchen sink?

Whilst standard sink replacements can take days, meaning you can’t use your very own kitchen for that period, United Stone Melbourne’s process is designed to renovate your sink in one day!

But how do we do this? Well, United Stone Melbourne has a team of highly skilled and experienced kitchen experts and the most functional products on-hand to ensure the job is done without taking too much time at all.

That’s right, it doesn’t matter if your existing kitchen sink dates back to the stone age and requires a little extra work to remove it – our team will ensure that once we go to work on replacing your kitchen sink it is done with the utmost efficiency.

We utilise world class Abey kitchen sinks that whilst being ultimately stylish are super easy for our professional installers to work with. Our highly skilled and experienced installers will come out to your kitchen and get the job done in absolutely no time as we have years of experience in installing top of the range Abey kitchen sinks.

This is all part of the United Stone dedication to ensuring our valued customers get the very best kitchen sinks without having to wait days on end to be able to use it.

Being industry innovators, our experts took the time and knowledge to produce a kitchen sink aesthetic that whilst looking absolutely amazing actually provides a truly sturdy and abrasion-resistant product.

The results are our incredible Abey double sink and one-and-one-third packs, specially designed for quick installation and optimal functionality. You won’t believe how quickly and professionally we are able to apply this product, especially once you see just how beautiful and durable it is as your new solution.

Our professional service is the result of years of hard work and industry experience, and we are proud to share it with customers who are looking for the very best industry materials without the long, frustrating wait to get it done.

What makes our kitchen sink packs special?

United Stone Melbourne’s kitchen sink packs are designed to provide the perfect harmony between stylish form and optimised function. Whether you’re looking for a double bowl or one-and-one-third pack, USM’s sink packs will give your kitchen the ultimate look of elegance whilst offering the ideal spot for washing with ease.

This is because we curate our sink packs from the legendary Abey label. Abey is revered for designing the very best in Australian sink packs, with an eye towards perfectly combining unwavering style with a quality that can’t be overlooked.

Using the very best materials in the industry, Abey and USM are dedicated to bringing a touch of class to your kitchen, especially when coupled with USM’s world class bench overlays. As experts in kitchen design and manufacture, our dedicated team can help you decide on which style is perfect for your home, with a range of luxurious sink packs attributing to stunning kitchen designs.

What’s more, when you select one of USM’s sink pack designs, you won’t have to worry about enlisting anyone else to help install it, as we will send our experts out to provide a comprehensive installation service which includes our kitchen bench overlay should you choose to install that, too.

All sink appendages including taps and mixers are included in the package, so all you have to do is await our team to come out and install your stylish new kitchen sink pack.

USM is a team that works hard to ensure your kitchen is one of style and functionality; a place where you can enjoy an elegant aesthetic whilst having the confidence that your kitchen will allow you to cook and clean at the highest level – our kitchen sink packs are a testament to this dedication.

What can United Stone Melbourne do for my kitchen sink?

United Stone Melbourne (USM) can handle your whole kitchen renovations, as well as simply install world class Abey double bowl or one-and-one-third kitchen sinks.

Abey is one of Australia’s most reputable home kitchen designers, and we are truly proud to stock – and install – their first class double and one-and-one-third sink packs.

As one of Melbourne’s most respected kitchen renovators, we can ensure that your kitchen sink is one of the ultimate styles that also provides optimised usability. USM has a team of highly skilled and experienced installers working round-the-clock to ensure that our valued customers’ kitchen sink solutions are of the highest quality.

What’s more, we can ensure that your kitchen sinks are installed the very same day we arrive, so that you don’t have to wait days to have your stunning new solution installed.

We combine efficient handiwork with specialised materials and processes that make replacing your kitchen sink comprehensively time and cost efficient. After all, nobody wants to be out of action in their kitchen sink for days on end, so we work hard to ensure you never have to be!

As USM is a team with advanced technology and world class materials at our disposal, we make the job simple, ensuring your brand new kitchen, equipped with everything you need to be inspired by your kitchen, is complete in no time.

This is all part of the USM dedication to ensuring you have the perfect kitchen – one which has the ideal aesthetic for both style and function – and without all the hassles that come with completing a full-room renovation.

If you’re looking for stylish new solutions that are cost-effective and optimise cooking and cleaning efficiency – USM and Abey are the perfect option.

Which sink pack is right for my kitchen?

United Stone Melbourne’s kitchen sink packs come in both double bowl and one-and-one-third designs. The double bowl design consists of two of the same sized sink bowls and come with numerous benefits, including:

  1. They make it easy to clean larger pans and other cooking goods that you don’t want to put through the dishwasher;
  2. They make kitchen organisation that much easier as you can manage cooking prep like vegetable washing in one of the large-sized bowls whilst placing dirty plates and pans in the opposite sink;
  3. They come with two garbage disposals that means you can easily use the free one if the other bowl is full of dirty plates, pans etc.

They also come with a drain tray and cutting board that fit conveniently over the top of either bowl side.

The next option is the one-and-one-third bowl, which comprises one larger bowl and one smaller one (a third of the large bowl’s size). These come with the same benefits of the double bowl option but have a much larger bowl for washing larger items.

If you find yourself cooking with large pans, roasting trays, eating with large plates etc. then the one-in-one-third option is probably perfect for you.

What’s more, they also come with a drain tray and cutting board that fit perfectly atop the individual bowls, making cleaning dishes and food preparation a breeze.

It essentially all comes down to how you want to go about cleaning and preparing your food: if you want equal parts cleaning and food prep and a highly functional space for doing both with ease then perhaps the double bowl is perfect for your home.

Conversely, if you want to use your sink primarily for rinsing and cleaning dishes, pans etc. then the one-and-one-third option is probably right for your home.