When you’re gearing up to dive into that kitchen renovation that’s been on the cards for a while, there’s plenty to get excited about. With so many aspects to experiment with and explore, there’s a world of possibilities ready to be uncovered.

During the initial stages of planning, you’ll find new and innovative ways to make your space functional, well-connected and stylish, contributing to your overall home’s layout. And while there are many reasons to upgrade – such as deterioration, lifestyle changes, special needs, energy and cost-savings – there’s also plenty to consider, in order to pull off a successful remodel.

So, be it a small or large job, here are four of our favourite ways to give your amazing kitchen a stylish edge, without compromising on its functionality.

1. Concealed outlets

It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your benches, how seamlessly your appliances fit in with the surroundings or how flawless the finish of your stone benchtops is – traditional power outlets are always big, bold and unflattering. Concealed outlets offer a solution that hides them away until required, with several options on the market to create a discreet look in your amazing kitchen.

Some pop-up outlets also allow you to hide away these tidbits in the actual bench or wall itself until you need them again. Alternatively, under-cabinet or under-bench can help you to maintain the lines of your kitchen’s design – the ideal solution for upkeeping that contemporary look.

Hiding power outlets until required also make more sense in terms of safety, helping to keep cords out of the way and sockets free from the reach of curious children. These handy designs also give you the chance to tuck away cords after use, ensuring that nothing can be pulled or tangled.

2. Pantry and baseboard lights

Automatic lights are a handy addition to a large pantry, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when adding a little panache to your space. The lights can either be activated by opening the door or using a motion sensor, ensuring that every part of the pantry is easy to see. However, do not use the pantry for random storage!

Aside from looking great and creating a sense of envy among your visitors, baseboard lights improve your overall kitchen experience. Standard lights come from the ceiling, which puts floor-sitting cupboards and storage areas in the shadow.s Alternatively, baseboard lights come from below, ensuring you can see every nook and corner of your space from all corners. They also provide the perfect, unobtrusive lighting for midnight runs to the fridge, without illuminating the whole house.

3. Kitchen island cooktops

These days, nothing says modern like a mounted cooktop in a stone-crafted kitchen island. Placing it in a more open area like this gives you more space for preparation and presentation, and helps prevent smoke and steam collecting in one part of the room.

Beyond this, an amazing kitchen island cooktop makes it easier for entertaining, as there’s no need to turn your back on guests to continue cooking or crane your neck to engage with those in your space.

As this room is often the focal point of parties, opting for a functional, stylish approach is the best way to ensure you’re providing an optimal experience to guests. Able to be fitting into almost all variations of benchtops, these cooktops put the cherry on top of optimised culinary experiences and opportunities to entertain.

kitchen island cooktop
tiled splashback

4. A tiled or stone kitchen splashback

Tiles are perhaps the most common type of splashback used in kitchen renovations, but they’re also one of the most stylish and versatile. There are endless patterns and colours available on the market these days, with an extensive list of makes and materials on offer – including porcelain, glass, ceramic and stone.

Even if you are working to a tight budget, choosing this material means you don’t have to sacrifice style or appeal. A tiled or stone splashback can add an eye-catching feature to your amazing kitchen, livening up even the most neutral of decor – all without spending exorbitant amounts. Moreover, tiles are durable and easy to clean, so you can throw away the thought of endless maintenance and upkeep.

For those that require flexibility with sizes and design, tiles also allow you to tailor your splashback to be the exact look and feel you’re after. Make your kitchen splashback as large or small as you like, just by adding more or fewer tiles overall. Simple.

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