The bathroom is probably that one room in the entire house that’s most frequently used. Bedrooms, living rooms, and even dining rooms are not as commonly used as the bathroom. Since they are so heavily used, bathrooms can quickly lose their sparkle. You might not even have it in your near-future plans to get your bathroom renovated, but it can convey the message easily.

Here are seven signs that indicate it’s time for a bathroom renovation!

1. Lack of Storage Space

When you walk in your bathroom and bump into stuff, it means you are running out of storage space. Clutter in the bathroom is the first sign of an overdue renovation. When homeowners run out of storage space in their bathrooms, they end up with disorganized spaces.

Bathroom storage units hold all kinds of towels and tubes to keep the place tidy. But when you start seeing unwanted sheets, tubes, and other bottles here and there in your bathroom, you should start planning a remodel.

2. Dirty Looking Tiles Even After Cleaning

Dirty tiles can be repulsive. And if the nasty on them turns to mold and mildew, then its sign you should change them. Sometimes even regular cleaning of bathroom tiles is not sufficient to keep them from becoming drab and moldy.

Don’t think that you can put the renovation on the back burner just because you have been cleaning your tiles regularly. When it’s time, its time.

3. Old Plumbing

Plumbing is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom. You cannot take plumbing lightly because it controls draining and ensures smooth bathroom functioning. If it goes south, then you can end up with a flooded bathroom or clogged pipes. Hence, it would help if you kept the plumbing of your bathroom in check. And get it renewed at the first sign of disturbance.

4. Leaky Faucets

Faucets and taps play a significant role in your daily life. You can’t have an undisrupted flow of water in your bathroom if they start malfunctioning. Leaky faucets are also a significant warning sign of a faulty bathroom. And it would be best for you if you got your bathroom renovated before things get out of your hands completely.

5. If you are planning to sell the place

If you are planning to move or sell your home, then you should defo get a bathroom renovation. Old bathroom designs can bring down the value of the entire property. If you want to make big bucks on your estate, you should first get the bathroom remodeled before putting it out for sale.

6. Outdated Look

This may seem like a shallow thing to say, but an old bathroom look must be taken seriously. What most homeowners do is that they keep updating one or two aspects of their bathroom from time to time, which creates a cocktail of old designs. If your bathroom also has reached that stage with old looking bathroom benchtops, then you must consider revamping it all together.

A fresh look would make your bathroom consistent with the era, and you will increase the value of your property.

7. Big Bills

Big electricity bills can also be a sign of an outdated bathroom. With the onset of energy-efficient lighting options, most people have converted to LEDs in their bathrooms as they consume quite a lot of electricity in a day. And if upgrading the lighting system in your bathroom is not something you feel strongly about, then you can have the bathroom renovated and add lots of windows to it instead. Adding windows would bring down your energy bills and give your bathroom a new look.

Renovating a bathroom can be exxy, but there are ways to control the costs. If you find expert tradies, you can have a bathroom renovation without draining your pockets.

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