Porcelain benchtops and splashbacks have been popular for many years, and this material will likely become the number one design trend for kitchens in the years to come. Porcelain benchtops are packed with benefits and have the ability for kitchen transformation. Let’s find out how!You might be wondering about the benefits of choosing high-quality porcelain benchtops and splashbacks. We have narrowed down several essential factors that can help you get some insight

Various Colours and Patterns

The options for the colours and patterns for porcelain benchtops are endless. Therefore, it will be far easier for you to find the design and colour that will look great with your kitchen. Porcelain benchtops add a customised and modern look to your home, making it look more elegant.

Finish and Size Options

You have the freedom to choose the size and finish of your own choice. For instance, there are matt polished porcelain benchtops available, and the edges can have a customised style to make them look more beautiful. You have the option to choose the size according to the design of your kitchen, and you can decide whether or not you want to add joints or breaks along the sides.

Premium Quality

Porcelain is resistant to cracks, scratches, chirping and is relatively more robust as compared to other materials, such as softer stones or granite. It is strong and has high-density and low porous quality, which makes it ideal for cooking. It also has resistance to acidic substances and liquids. Surely they will add more value to your kitchen transformation along with aesthetics.

Reliable Durability

Porcelain is one of the most durable and reliable materials for benchtops and splashbacks. It can last a very long time provided that proper care is taken and regular maintenance is conducted. Porcelain benchtops and splashbacks have the potential to last a lifetime. You won’t have to worry about constant repairs and upgrades because your kitchen will continue to shine as always.

Lightweight Material

Porcelain splashbacks tend to be thicker than benchtops, however not as heavy as other benchtop materials. They offer the most up-to-date designs and finishes and are also very easy to install due to their weight.

Sealing Is Not Required

Another great thing about porcelain benchtops and splashbacks is that you won’t have to worry about sealing them to preserve their strength and beauty. They are resistant to fire and offer a strong barrier against stain, moisture, and heat, keeping your kitchen in top-notch condition always.

If you are ready to experience the incredible benefits of porcelain benchtops and splashbacks, contact us today!

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