The kitchen is one of the most important parts of any home, especially for women, who put their heart into decorating it to their liking and cook meals for the entire family out of pure love. Gone are days when plain and boring kitchens would do. Today, people are remodelling and revamping their kitchens into lavish and luxurious spaces that are a sight to see. Full-scale kitchen remodels can be super expensive, and not everybody can afford them. If you’re tight on budget, it doesn’t in any way mean that you can’t revamp your kitchen to meet modern standards. You can still enjoy an all-new kitchen on a budget. Simply sprinkle some kitchen colour ideas, and voila! A kitchen that radiates life and energy will be ready in no time. If the idea of a budgeted kitchen revamp excites you, go no further. We’ve put together some popular colour ideas for your kitchen that will have you all pumped up to get down to kitchen revamp right away!


If you’ve got a bold personality, your kitchen should reflect that. The perfect colour idea for your kitchen would be Carbon Black. It’s dramatic and bold. The best thing about choosing Carbon Black as the colour for your kitchen is that this colour goes well with any kitchen style you choose, be it traditional or modern. Black just makes everything look good!


Brulee is the perfect colour choice for anyone who wants their kitchen to be the epitome of energy. White base with undertones of grey is the perfect balance between bright and subtle. A kitchen featuring porcelain countertops in the shade Brulee makes your kitchen look bright and open. If you’ve got a small kitchen, choosing dark colours isn’t the best idea. If you are sceptical about going all-white in an attempt to make your kitchen appear bigger, Brulee is what you should choose.


If you’re in the mood to experiment and play around with colours, why not give Rust colour a shot? It’s uncommon, but that doesn’t make it any less of a colour, does it? Rust-coloured kitchens definitely have a charm about them. It goes the best with traditional kitchens and is all about warmth, sophistication, and elegance. If that’s what you want in your kitchen, it’s the best colour idea.

Creamy Roses

The soft hues of pink roses are a treat for the eyes on your porcelain bench. A kitchen built using tones of soft pink would radiate refreshing vibes that one can really use in the morning. The colour pink is known to be connected to the heart – making it the perfect colour to make your kitchen in– a place where the heart of most women lies. Rose pink colour feels soothing to the eyes, making your time in the kitchen truly refreshing!
Most people are opting for modern-style kitchens. They’re more open to experimentation, and playing around with colours is the best form of experimentation we see today. So, what’s the wait for? Get in touch with United Stone Melbourne today and get your kitchen revamped in the colour of your choice!
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